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And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.

Khalil Gibran

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Awesome wellness retreat - Philippines Miles of sandy private beaches - Fiji Exotic and exquisite - Turkey

3 awesome new properties we’re featuring today.

Awesome Travel Moment #21

Getting the perfect candid shot of your fellow travellers.

Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali by Bob Gomel.

Awesome picture of Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld hanging out.

7 Fun Luxury Travel Accessories To Indulge In

Whether you’re taking a 10-hour train ride across South East Asia or chilling by some palm trees on a sunny beach, here are some lightweight accessories that will turn any travel moment into a glamour shot.

1. Noise-cancelling head phones or earbuds

You’re about to settle into the new album by Jay-Z on a 5-hour flight. You’re comfy, toasty, and ready to relax when suddenly the once-adorable baby behind you starts screaming bloody murder. Betcha wish you had a pair of noise-cancelling earphones now, don’t you? This is a luxury any music lover cannot afford to cheap out on. Get yourself a good pair of Bose head phones or earbuds by Klipsch or Shure. Just keep in mind that you get what you pay for. The more affordable ones tend to be noise isolating as opposed to active noise cancelling.

2. Filson Satchel or Tote

Built to last, Filson luggage and totes are made to withstand almost anything you can throw at them. Whether you’re heading up Machu Picchu or going on a long haul backpacking trip, your Filson Tote will be something you can depend on.

3. A Cashmere Scarf

A scarf is a travel essential. A cashmere scarf is a luxury travel essential. For those chilly nights, cold flights, and times when you just want to snuggle up against something soft.

4. Eye Cream

Sometimes our eyes just need a little pick me up, especially after a long-haul flight, a day out in the sun, or a particularly tiring day. Try Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment or SKII’s eye cream for a quick wake up. 

5. An iPad or any other electronic reader

Carrying a stack of books and magazines kinda blows. Instead grab a Kindle, iPad, or any other tablet so that you’ll be entertained for hours and have the world’s online resources at your finger tips.

6. Essential Oils

Natural oils such as lavender and eucalyptus can be a godsend for when you’re having trouble sleeping or find yourself a bit congested. They can also double as a great massage treatment for your loved one.

7. Travel-Sized Perfume Bottles

You don’t need to lug a full 100ml perfume bottle with you. Our favorite right now is the Travalo perfume bottle. With just a few clicks you can refill it with your favorite perfume or cologne and bring it with you wherever you go.

LMAO. Stefon the NY Correspondent on SNL’s Weekend Update. Imagine getting travel advice from this guy.

Awesome Travel Moment #20

Finding an early edition of one of your favorite novels in a used book store.

I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.

Oscar Wilde

Awesome Travel Moment #19

A short but sweet romantic affair in a far-off land.

This Land by Michelle in Ireland on Flickr.

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9 Gotta-Have Travel Items

If you travel as much as we do or half as much as Anthony Bourdain, then you should be in possession of the following items. They’re as handy as Batman’s utility belt and will make life a lot easier and comfortable for you when you’re out galavanting through exotic locations, tropical adventures, and soul-searching escapades.
  1. A micro-fibre towel. These things are genius. They’re light, tiny, and easy to wash. If you’re trying to pack light and need to bring your own towel, then grab one of these guys. 
  2. International travel adaptor. If you’re at a luxury hotel, then chances are they’ll provide you with an electrical adaptor. But for those times when you’re out at a Parisien cafe or a Vietnamese pho shop and you need to charge your computer, then you can whip out this multi-purpose electrical wonder.
  3. A smart phone - Whether you’re an iPhone fan or prefer Android, you should take your smart phone with you. Pre-load the maps, turn on your GPS, and you’ll never (well, almost never) get lost. You can also download phrase books, currency converters, flight information, and keep tabs of all the important numbers.
  4. Credit cards - I’m pretty sure nobody leaves home without a credit card or several but just in case, call your bank and let them know you’re the type to travel a lot. Many banks have anti-fraud features on their cards and may put your card on hold if they see it being used outside of your residing country. It’s also a good idea to bring more than 1, in case this happens to you or one card is rejected for some reason.
  5. A lightweight jacket - Even if you’re heading to the hottest country in the world, bring a lightweight jacket with you. Shopping malls, airplanes, theatres, and restaurants are some of the coldest places north of Antarctica.
  6. Bank cards - ATMs are almost ubiquitous. Bring a couple bank cards with you as back up and when you need instant cash.
  7. Ziplock or waterproof bags - For all your carry-on liquids (under 100 mls of course) and any thing else that may leak or needs to remain dry.
  8. Tampons - This one is just for the women. Tampons can be hard to find in many countries and explaining what they are through charades in a foreign country is not as fun as it sounds. 
  9. Reading material - Kindle, Nook, iPad, or a traditional paperback. Reading material is a must have for any traveler. Whether you’re catching up on the latest in your industry, losing yourself in a romance novel on the beach, or passing time during a flight delay, books will always be your best friends. 

Got any more suggestions for us? Drop your 2 cents in the comments below. We’re always curious to find out what your travel essentials are :)

There is always something left to love.

Gabriel García Márquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust

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