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Awesome Travel Moment #28

Fresh lavender growing wild. Delicious.

Ever had a boy steal your heart?

There’s nothing like unrequited love to take all the flavor out of a peanut butter sandwich.

Charlie Brown

Cat Ladies & Japanophiles, Watch Out - Hello Kitty Takes To The Air

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, nope. It’s Hello Kitty’s ridiculously adorable mouthless face flying across the sky. 

Taiwanese airline, EVA Air has recently re-launched their Hello Kitty line of aircrafts by delighting the world with 3 Hello Kitty carriers. Everything from the boarding passes to the food will be emblazoned with or shaped into Hello Kitty’s face. This certainly takes the phrase, “It’s so cute, I could just eat it’s face,” to a whole new level. 

This is the 2nd time EVA Air and Sanrio have come together to out-cute every other airline in the world. The first time was in 2005. However, the first Hello Kitty fleet was disbanded once their licensing agreement had expired in 2009.

The new Taipei-based jets are adorable named Apple Jet, Global Jet, and Magic Jet. They’ll operate for at least a year and fly to Sapporo, Guam, Seoul, Fukuoka, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

While not quit the luxury airline one would hope for, it does fulfill that eerily persistent niche of Hello Kitty lovers.

If you’d like to get a little kawaii, here are are the routes for the Hello Kitty Jets:

Magic Jet:

Taipei-Sapporo (BR116/115) daily 

Taipei-Guam (BR20/19) on Tuesdays and Saturdays

Apple Jet:

Taipei-Fukuoka (BR2106/2105) every Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday

Taipei-Seoul (BR160/159) daily

Global Jet:

Taipei-Hong Kong (BR857/858) daily

Taipei-Tokyo (BR2189/2197) daily

Please double check with EVA air in case changes have been made.

Chocolates, fancy dates, flowers, and love-induced emotions. What’re you doing this Valentine’s Day?

Ain’t nothin’ wrong with the aim, just gotta change the target.

Jay-Z, American Dreamin’

Vintage Travel Ads - Come to Asia! We’re Really Cool.



Awesome Travel Moment #27

Wearing nothing but a bathing suit and sunglasses for 90% of your trip.

Gotta love us some Tom Ford.

And yes, we’re a little bit in love with MIA’s Bad Girls video. Gotta love those car stunts and polka dot scarves. Shot in Morocco.

The universe is made of stories, not atoms.

Muriel Rukeyser

The Sneaky Truth About Hotel Prices

Hotel pricing can be a bit of a mystery. Like the way planes work or the existence of double rainbows. That being said, the actual prices shouldn’t be a mystery. Shouldn’t being the key word. But because the world we live in is less than ideally transparent, we’re stuck with some pretty shady hotel prices.

The problem is because of those little annoying gremlins we call taxes and fees. Here’s what happens. You go online, you find a nice hotel, the price looks good, and you book it for 3 nights. Say the hotel room is on sale for $300. Using the powers of our mathematical genius, 3 nights at $300 makes out to $900. So that’s all you have to pay, right? Wrong. In most cases, once you’ve selected your dates, and are about to put in your credit card info, you’re faced with the real price, which is often anywhere from 15 - 30% higher than what you expected.

Sucks, eh.

Often you don’t realize what you’re actually paying until it’s too late.

Some sites cleverly (read: sneakily) do one or more of the following things.

3 Ways Booking Sites Play With Your Heart And Mess With Your Mind

  • They don’t tell you up front that the price you’re seeing is exclusive of taxes and fees, hoping that once you’re ready to hand over your credit card information you won’t even realize that they’ve added it in. They’re assuming that you don’t have the mathematical capability to realize that the price has shot up and that you’ll just pay anyway.
  • Sites break up the rate exclusive of taxes and fees and then in minuscule font at the bottom disclose the taxes and fees that you’ll be paying on top of the rate. When was the last time you read fine print (unless you’re a lawyer or going through a lawsuit)? Imagine if you had to read the fine print on every iTunes update. You’d sooner finish a Russian novel. 
  • They don’t tell you that there are taxes and fees at all until you stay at the hotel and the hotel ends up charging you for it. That’s a pretty cruddy way to start a vacation.

Now imagine if this happened in the real world. It’d probably go down a little like this:

You: “Excuse me, how much is this watch?”

Store owner: “It’s $2000.”

You: “Ok. I’ll take it.”

Store owner: “Please hand over your credit card. I’m going to charge you $2000. (under his breath) And an extra $500 for taxes and fees.”

You: “Excuse me, what was that?”

Store owner: “Oh nothing. Now, please sign here.”

That would never happen in a real bricks and mortar store. But it is happening on virtually every other booking site online. This is wrong.

How We’re Shaking Up The Travel Industry

At ImpulseFlyer, we’re all a bunch of travel nerds and understand how frustrating it can be to deal with this sort of shady behaviour. That’s why ALL of our prices include taxes and fees. What you see is what you get.

The common theory in the travel industry is that if a site shows prices inclusive of taxes and fees, then they’ll appear more expensive than their competitors and no one will book through them. We think the opposite. We know that you won’t be fooled by this sort of base trickery. All the members-only prices you see within ImpulseFlyer will be inclusive of any fees and taxes. No nasty surprises. And if there are any other fees, we’ll make it VERY clear on the site so you know what you’re in for.

We focus on providing the best service possible for our members – and at the core of that service will always be honesty and transparency. Booking luxury holidays should be fun, not painful like a brazilian or going for your prostate exam.

Talk To Us

If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can improve our service at ImpulseFlyer, please shoot an email to Gabby, our Customer Delight Manager at She’ll be more than happy to help you out with anything at all. Need a restaurant recommendation? What electrical converter to bring? Are bathing suits optional? She’ll help you out.

…there ain’t no journey what don’t change you some.

David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

Jean Paul Gaultier, summer 2012 collection. We loves it.

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